• BLOG: Giving away the crown jewels?

    BLOG: Giving away the crown jewels?

    Good B2B communications isn’t about giving your competitors an advantage. It’s giving your customers good reasons to choose you, and not your competitors.

  • TFWA Research Workshop: the future of duty free and travel retail

    Changes in perception of luxury, the rise of the Millennial traveller and the potential of new technology will shape future of duty free and travel retail.

  • Innovation essential for success for inflight sales

    A running theme at the inflight workshop at this year’s TFWA World Exhibition & Conference was the necessity to innovate. Suffering a double digit decline, the value of the sector fell to $2.64 billion in 2017, which is less than in 2007, nearly a decade ago. But there are plenty of reasons for confidence.

  • Insight: The three Ps of planning for a crisis

    Planning for a crisis can easily be pushed down the list of priorities, but a PR crisis can happen to anyone at any time. If you’re at a loss at where to begin with putting together or re-evaluating a strategy then start with the three Ps: predict, prepare, practice.

  • Insight: Asian Angle

    Clare Williams of Templemere Public Relations explores the impact of the dramatic increase in passengers travelling from and around Asia on the travel retail sector.

  • Travel Retail Talk: Do you speak English?

    Travel Retail Talk: Do you speak English?

    Much of our business in the world of travel retail is conducted in English, so love it or loath it, it’s a language with which most of us have to battle at some time. But ‘English’ comes in a variety of forms. So how do you know what type of English to use?