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The Apprentice Blog 2.0: An Introduction

The Apprentice Blog 2.0: An Introduction

Written by Stella Wright, PR assistant at Templemere PR

Welcome all to Templemere PR’s latest blog: The Apprentice 2.0. I will be your host for the year! My name is Stella and I am Templemere’s shiny new PR assistant and apprentice – joining a program which is provided by the PRCA, with whom I am studying for a Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations.

I am the second member of the team to be joining as an apprentice. Anais (who wrote ‘The Apprentice’ blog last year) is still with us (as account executive and social media co-ordinator) – so it’s safe to say Templemere is finding it to be a worthwhile scheme!

In my regular updates, I will be telling you more about what I’ve been getting up to as an apprentice, how I’m finding the experience and company news.

About me: I joined Templemere PR in September with three A-levels in english literature, history and philosophy and over six months of administration experience, which included social media management and website content editing.

Starting an apprenticeship seemed to be the wisest choice for me because I already knew what career path I wanted to take, and didn’t want to spend any time delaying my working life! I much prefer the PRCA apprenticeship as opposed to full-time studying, because I get the opportunity to apply my studies to real working experience.

My role at work – so far: As PR assistant, it’s my job to work across all of our clients (including work on a premium prosecco brand, with whom I worked independently on an important event) and provide support to my colleagues. My level of responsibility on each client varies, but so far I have been involved in helping with event management, media liaison and lots of media monitoring.

I’m really enjoying working for Templemere PR because I am given the responsibility to manage my own long-term projects, and at the same time each day can be varied and unpredictable, depending on what my colleagues need help with.

Bye for now! Nice talking to you all. Stay tuned for my next blog.


‘Since we have been working with Templemere, our profile has been raised considerably,

with news about our company now appearing regularly in the trade and other media.’

David Elliott, CEO, Excess Baggage Company