Anaïs Belloul

Account Executive & Social Media Coordinator

Anaïs Belloul Templemere PR Account Executive & Social Media Coordinator

Your CV in 30 words

PRCA apprenticeship graduate. Quick career ladder climber and PR enthusiast.

Where did your passion for PR start?

When I was about 14 I was on holiday with my family and I borrowed a book from the hotel lobby. It was about a woman who worked in PR, and I wanted to be like her. I researched the role of a ‘public relations officer’ at our careers section in the school library and it all went from there.

What is your key personality trait?


Favourite PR campaign of 2018?

The Lacoste ‘Save our Species’ campaign. Lacoste replaced their iconic crocodile logo on their signature polo shirts with images of ten endangered species.

What is your favourite fact?

In Switzerland it’s illegal to keep a single guinea pig on its own because they get lonely.

Talk us through your typical day at Templemere PR

My day usually starts with incoming press office enquiries. Much of my time is spent monitoring social media channels and planning content. I work closely with our PR assistant and apprentice, mentoring her and helping her with both client work and apprenticeship work.

How did you get into PR?

By applying for the PRCA apprenticeship scheme. Through this, I graduated with a Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations and a job as a Junior Account Executive at Templemere PR.

What is your favourite word?

“Moist” – from my love of The Great British Bake Off.