Stella Wright

PR Assistant

Stella Wright Templemere PR PR Assistant

Where did your passion for PR start?

I’ve always wanted a career that involved writing – I just love to tell stories. The most exciting prospect about working in PR is that no matter how your interests develop over the years, every sector needs PR, so it’s a career for life.

What did you learn about yourself in 2018?

I need to start taking more risks, because making mistakes is better than making nothing at all.

Talk us through your typical day at Templemere PR?

Every day starts off with a strong cup of coffee. After that, it really varies – some days there are lots of calls and meetings, and others are just days of getting my head down and finishing a report. It usually depends what my colleagues need help on.

What is your favourite PR campaign?

Any PR campaign that advocates making a change to protect the environment is a favourite of mine. One that particularly stood out to me was IKEA’s ‘The Last Straw’, in which a plastic straw was displayed in the Design Museum in London.

What key skills do you bring to the team?

My positivity.