Maggie Mullan

Senior Account Executive

Maggie Mullan travel airport PR

Your CV in 30 words

English and Spanish BA, University of Nottingham. A brief stint in charity events organisation, followed by 2 years in the Civil Service. Then onwards to the world of PR!

Where did your passion for PR start?

My interest in PR is tied to my love for language. Since my Year 8 English lessons with Mrs. Brown, I have been fascinated by how language can be used to inform, persuade, evoke emotions, and so much more. When it came to translating that passion into an actual career, PR offered so much potential.

What is your favourite thing to do at work?

Sharing a top-notch piece of coverage with a client. This is made sweeter still if said coverage is the culmination of hours of hard work.

What is your key personality trait?


What is your pet peeve?

Incorrect use of the word “hence”. “Hence why” is redundant!

What is your favourite PR campaign?

It wasn’t a full campaign, but the Weetabix with beans tweet was certainly a PR highlight. What was most amazing was that no one could have predicted the engagement it would receive. It shows how effective social media can be if you strike the right chord. Corporate Twitter can so often miss the mark, so it really was refreshing.