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Five lessons our apprentices have learned during the coronavirus pandemic

Written by current apprentice, Molly Fennemore and past apprentice, Stella Wright

Five lessons our apprentices have learned during the coronavirus pandemic

Templemere has been a part of the PRCA apprenticeship scheme since 2016. Our latest two apprentices have had the added challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are their top five tips for success in these unusual times.

  1. Be independent

The apprenticeship is already a programme for the independent – you take ownership of personal development, and complete assignments within set deadlines using your own skills and knowledge. With the pandemic forcing everyone to work at home, learning to be independent has become even more crucial when you can’t be in a physical office surrounded by your colleagues.

  1. …but stay connected

Independence is a very different thing to struggling alone. It’s important to make use of technology like Zoom to stay in contact with your team, as well as keeping assessors up to date with your progress. Asking questions is still just as important now as it was when we were in a physical office.

  1. Make the most of your circumstances

Whatever your circumstances throughout the apprenticeship, maximise the opportunities you have. If furloughed, make the most of the extra time you have to catch up on your coursework. Use free resources to support your learning – for example the PRCA offers a COVID support package full of webinar training courses.

  1. Network

Our past apprentice Stella can’t stress enough how important networking was for her throughout her apprenticeship. While online networking is different to physical, it’s still a great way to meet other apprentices and potential mentors. Keeping in contact with professionals you meet on training courses is valuable, as well as joining LinkedIn groups like the ‘PR Apprentices’ group, where you can swap advice with others completing the programme.

  1. Keep calm and carry on

Our current apprentice Molly suggests taking it one day at a time, and try not to worry about circumstances outside of your control. If furloughed, plan what apprentice work you can do while making a note of what you need to get finished when you’re back working with access to everything you need again.

Getting Comms Right